Funny Voice

Funny Voice 1.6

Change the pitch of your voice in real time with the possibility of recording

Funny Voice is intended to change your voice pitch. Unfortunately, the program’s graphic user interface looks rather outdated. In fact, the whole tool seems quite unprofessional. The program is easy to install and use. Initially, you need to pick your preferred input and output devices. Then, you can simply choose one of the seven pitch levels available and try it by speaking to the microphone. Luckily, your voice is processed in real time so you can monitor the output without difficulties.

Additionally, there is the possibility to record the modified voice and save it as a sound file on your desktop. Regrettably, you cannot configure such output parameters as target format and folder. Likewise, once you have selected your preferred devices, it is impossible to change them without reinstalling the program.

In general, Funny Voice is a very simple tool. Actually, I could make a long list of the things it cannot do. To mention but a few, it cannot integrate with communications tools. Apart from changing pitch, it cannot apply any other audio effect or simulate different voices. On top of that, the product continuously shows annoying ads.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Seven different pitch levels
  • Real-time processing


  • Does not allow configuring target format and folder
  • Does not integrate with communications tools
  • Does not allow changing the selected devices
  • No audio effects other than pitch change
  • Cannot simulate other voices
  • Shows annoying ads
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